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Friday, 17 October 2014

Ringing Recoveries

Amongst the recent batch recieved are a Wren ringed here 14th October 2013 found dead 110km away at Overstrand, Norfolk 1st August 2014 which is a good movement for a Wren. A Robin ringed at The Fleet Dorset on 22nd July 2013 retrapped here 305km away on 26th May 2014 which is a difficult recovery to explain as this bird is probably native near to the area it was ringed & Robin migration at the end of May is non-existent. A Chiffchaff ringed at Fawley, Hampshire on 6th October 2013 was retrapped here 224km away on 20th March 2014. A Chiffchaff ringed Dungeness, Kent on 22nd September 2013 was retrapped here 224km away on 11th April 2014. The other recoveries are all fairly local including a Dunnock ringed at Walton-on-the-Naze 17th October 2013 retrapped here 31st March 2014, Blackcap ringed Leiston 13th April 2011 retrapped here 17th April 2014, Blackcap ringed Hollesley 23rd September 2013 retrapped here 18th May 2014, Chiffchaff ringed Thorpeness 18th September 2013 retrapped here 18th May 2014 & a Chiffchaff ringed here 19th September 2013 retrapped 77km away at Beccles, Norfolk 21st April 2014.