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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday 24th January 2016

With the milder murky conditions then we can't expect to much in mid-winter. Starring out did however produce southbound 220 Golden Plover, 58 Common Gull, 30 Teal, 14 Kitts, 4 Gadwall, Pintail & the first Bonxie for 12 days plus northbound 15 Brent & Common Scoter. The Cormorants seem to be leaving roost and heading out to the north of us, but look on the bright side, this saves us having to count them. This is more than compensated for by the sight of a right old "Roger Mellie" behind the Stenna Britannica when it went out with c.2,000 quarrelsome seagulls behind it including another 70 Kitts & a couple of Meds. Plenty of Great Tit argy bargy at the moment as the local males compete for females constantly calling and advertising their wares - to be honest we have more pairs of Great Tits than the site can support so competition is intense. Finally a Woodcock is on site (or the same one as a couple of days ago).