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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Starlings used to be common in "the good old days" but nowadays one struggles to see more than the odd one on site at this time of the year despite natural food not being hard to come by (leatherjacket in this case ?). Misty start this morning with a Golden Plover on site early on shifted off by the first dog walkers. Apart from that the highlights off a walk around the site were 2 Mipit & a Rock Pipit. On foggy mornings the Cormorants get up later with a mere 165 counted going out fishing this morning as the bulk of them are going out to sea on a different trajectory recently heading for feeding grounds slightly north-east of us. It's got that "early December doldrums" feel about the place at the moment but not long until the winter solstice and the day-lengths increase.