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Monday, 21 December 2015

Monday 21st December 2015

487 Cormorants flew out to sea & 180 Golden Plover went south. As GP's forage a lot at night maybe they are feeding in south Suffolk and going into Essex to roost during the day contrary to the suggestion in yesterdays blog written before engaging brain cells. If any readers out there know what GP's are up to in the Walton backwaters and Hamford Water area during the day then please drop us an e.mail to as it's not a part of the world we go to. A handful of the regular species going past offshore this morning in low numbers with a Ringed Plover coming in off from way out then heading up over the obs inland being the only record of note. This is not normal Ringo behaviour for the time of year and it's presumably a bird coming in from the continent for the winter. The local Peregrines are only occasionally seen during the autumn but once into December they become much more obvious as they spend more time on territory ready for the spring.

Ringing: 1 greenfinch