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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Wednesday 23rd December 2015

Just when one thinks autumn is done and dusted a "tristis" Chiffchaff appears in the Holm Oaks. A walk around at high tide produced 16 Ringos on the beach & 3 Turnstone on the groynes in front of the Butts. The high tide winter roost of Ringos rarely happens these days and the number of regular wintering Turnstone has gone to pot in line with a nationwide decline in this species. 344 Cormorants went out fishing this morning but very few other offshore movements as the currant bun was out (not that we are going to moan about that as it was good to see it). Moan - us moan - wouldn't dream of it especially now we are past the winter solstice and the days should start getting longer.

Ringing: 1 house sparrow