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Saturday 13th July 2013

A slight southeasterly today and cloudy until the afternoon. Few birds about apart from 400+ Starlings. Viz mig produced 2 Curlew, a Shelduck, two Whimbrel and a Redshank all heading south. 38 birds ringed; 20 Starling, 11 Greenfinch, 2 Linnet and single Wren, Great Tit, Lesser Whitethroat, Blackbird and Meadow Pipit.

Friday 12th July 2013

A drizzly start becoming sunny by lunchtime. Viz mig produced 15 Swift north and a Redshank & 3 Shelduck south. The first juv Med Gull of the year was offshore and at the Point there were a further 5 adults, a 2nd summer & a 1st summer.

Ringing; 8 Linnet, 5 Greenfinch and single House Sparrow, Wren, Starling & Dunnock.

Thursday 11th July 2013

The northerly wind is still with us, although the cloud cover cleared by lunch. Few birds were about, the most notable being 2 Little Egrets north, 3 Grey Herons in off, the first juv Black-headed Gull of the year drifted past on the sea and a juv Skylark was found on the common.

Ringing; 8 Greenfinch, 2 Linnet and single Blackbird, Starling, Dunnock & Wren.

Wednesday 10th July 2013

A breezy day with the wind from the north. A better day with several birds on the move, most notably 34 Swift and a Hobby heading north, a juv Yellow Wagtail on the Common and a couple of Great Spotted Woodpeckers in the compound.

30 birds ringed; 8 Greenfinch, 6 Great Tit, 4 Dunnock, 3 Linnet, 3 Starling, 2 House Sparrow and single Wren, Blue Tit, Lesser Whitethroat & Chaffinch.

Tuesday 9th Juy 2013

A sunny and windy again, with mist inland first thing. Another quiet day with the only bird of note being a Great Spotted Woodpecker. The Muntjac was seen again this afternoon.

Ringing; 3 Greenfinch & a Starling

Monday 8th July 2013

A sunny but windy day. Few birds were seen apart from 72 Common Scoter heading north and 4 Med Gulls (2 adults, a 1st summer and a 2nd summer).

Ringing; 4 Great Tit and  single Blackbird, Greenfinch & Linnet

Sunday 7th July 2013

A hot sunny day. The only birds of note were a Great Spotted Woodpecker and 20 Swift feeding over the obs.