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Saturday 10th June 2017

Spurge Hawk moth is a quality rarity, albeit one that has been recorded here on a number of previous occasions. Other migrant moths this morning were Bordered Straw and Rusty-dot Pearl.

The grounded migrant noted on the reserve today was 1 Reed Warbler heard singing on the Ickie Ridge. Offshore feeding were 5 Little Tern and 2 Common Tern. Passage this morning going South 12 Woodpigeon and 8 Barnacle Geese went North.

8 birds ringed: 3 Linnet, 2 Dunnock, 2 House Sparrow, 1 Whitethroat.

Friday 9th June 2017

The first Meadow Brown this year on Landguard.
A calmer start to the earlier part of the day today but the wind did pick up again by mid morning. Offshore up to 9 Common Tern gathered off the point leading into high tide and 4 Cormorant moved South. On the reserve 1 Reed warbler was heard singing, the first fledgling Whitethroats of this year were seen in the Butts pond area. Passage over the reserve going South, 4 Swift, 3 House Martin, 2 Siskin and 1 Skylark.

Occasionally the odd ladybird comes to the moth traps, apart from the Harlequin. This Orange Ladybird is about to fly off as attempts to photograph it took place.

3 birds ringed: 1 Reed Warbler, 1 Linnet, 1 Blue Tit.

Thursday 8th June 2017

The first hatched Ringed Plover chicks of 2017 on Landguard have now started flying and have been seen airborne between the shoreline and shingle areas at the point.
Passage noted this morning, over the reserve going South 6 Swift, 2 Jackdaw and going South offshore 14 Little Tern, 2 Common Tern, 2 Grey Plover and 1 Fulmar, going North offshore 3 Med Gull and 2 Greylag Geese.

Moth numbers are suppressed due to the weather currently but doesn't stop the odd Dark Sword Grass turning up.

2 birds ringed: 2 House Sparrow

Wednesday 7th June 2017

A day when a large Swift movement was the highlight, with 1250 south along with 21 Canada Geese also south. Little else except 8 Little Tern and 3 Common Tern feeding off the point. Apart from that the first brood of young Pied Wagtails are out and about on the common(above).

No birds ringed today.

Tuesday 6th June 2017

High wind with gusts of force 9 was the theme for this morning and unfortunately very little passage was noted except for Swifts with 226 going South in 3 large flocks, the picture above being a glimpse of a party of 150.

Ingrailed Clay is another one of those moths that can be common elsewhere but this is only the fifth occurrence ever noted here, maybe due to last nights wind bringing it here.

1 bird ringed: 1 Woodpigeon

Recent Recoveries

Whitethroat ringed Guildford, Surrey 1st June 2016 retrapped 151km away at LBO 7th May 2017. Goldcrest ringed Iken, Suffolk 9th October 2016 retrapped 30km away at LBO 16th March 2017. Blue Tit ringed Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex 9th October 2016 retrapped 8km away at LBO 25th March 2017 (although I would be amazed if it flew in a straight line to get here !).

Monday 5th June 2017

It's one of those blogs when no migrants on site to mention apart from those that are here for the season. 5 House Martin & a couple of Swifts did fly through presumably moving ahead of the increasing gale. Male Greenfinch feeding on site in recent days, although it is sad to have to mention this species as it used to be one of the commonest of Landguard birds that has recently fallen on hard times. Mr & Mrs Peregrine were having a wizz round this morning. Their breeding attempt failed at the end of April after which they became elusive as they tend to do.

Dark Spectacle is regular here although the wind was blowing it's tufts around during the photographic attempts.

Sunday 4th June 2017

Today's grounded migrant is a Reed Warbler. 4 Swallow, 2 House Martin & a Goldfinch went south plus a Common Scoter south offshore. A Turnstone was on the point & a Sanderling on the beach. A dispersing juvenile Song Thrush on site will be one dispersing as ours failed on their first nesting attempts. Our Blue Tits finally brought a youngster out this morning as we were starting to get concerned about them. Great Tits, on the other hand, have had at least three broods out for some time. The young Carrion Crows have been out for a couple of days. In most years they drop off their chosen lighting tower along View Point Road straight onto the road below with at least one of the young being flattened by a vehicle - so far this year all four young have avoided that fate.

Four-spotted Chaser is always worth a mention in the dragonfly department with our first Privet Hawk-moth of the year putting in an appearance.

6 birds ringed: 3 Linnet, 1 Blue Tit, 1 Song Thrush, 1 Reed Warbler.