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Saturday 22nd January 2022

Living on the edge.

345 Cormorant went out very early plus 140 north at 1615 hrs which may be some of the same birds. 2 regular Purps on the point with single Great Crested Grebe & Red-throated Diver flying past only other sightings of note on another clear sunny frosty winters morning.

Ringing Recoveries

 Blackbird ringed LBO 24th October 2019 was retrapped 777 km away at Logana Sira, Sokndal, Norway 27th December 2021. This will be a bird migrating through Landguard as a youngster, but as an adult, it looks like it is going to remain in Norway for the winter.

Blue Tit ringed LBO 9th October 2020 was retrapped almost a year to the day 13 km away at Shingle Street 10th October 2021.

Blackbird ringed LBO 13th October 2021 was found dead 118 km away at St. Albans, Herts 19th January 2022. This will be an autumn migrant at LBO failing in its attempt to overwinter in St Albans.

Great Tit ringed 17th October at Newbourne Springs wandered the 12 km to be retrapped at LBO six days later on 23rd October 2021.

Friday 21st January 2022

440 Cormorant headed out as it was barely getting light on a cool sunny frosty dawn. A Fieldfare visited briefly & a Shag was along the river. Young male Sparrowhawk clobbered one of the Blackbirds for breakfast but that's what they do.

Thursday 20th January 2022

550 Cormorant went out fishing before it was barely light. 7 Sanderling were on the beach very early with Purp & Turnstone still with us. Offshore southbound 3 Shelduck & 2 Red-throated Diver with northbound 4 Red-throat & a Curlew. Additional Song Thrush on site & 7 Meds were cleaning up any bait left by anglers on the beach mid-pm.

Wednesday 19th January 2022

904 Cormorant headed out to sea fishing when it was barely getting light. 2 Fieldfare & a Mistle Thrush present as it was getting light headed inland over the docks. Also as it was barely light 5 Ringed Plover & 3 Sanderling on the shore soon departed. Offshore southbound 10 Wigeon, 6 Shelduck, 2 Brent, 2 Common Scoter & 2 Red-throated Divers with northbound 1 Red-throats. 2 Purps were on station on the point with single Oyk & Turnstone along the riverbank. A 'decent' count of 42 Common Gull were offshore which is a bit sad to report as a highlight as mid-winter counts last century could be in the several thousands. Finally both Mr & Mrs Peregrine were seen, although no courtship or visitations to the nesting platforms have been seen this "spring" whereas in past years they are often showing some interest by now.

Tuesday 18th January 2022

Glorious sunny frosty start with a cracking moon. At least 110 Black-headed Gull came in from the north then up the various rivers although, it is suspected, that in calm conditions they roost on the sea off Cobbald's Point. Just 128 Cormorant headed out fishing. 2 Sanderling & 2 Ringed Plover were on the shore very early. On the point the regular 2 Purps & whilst down there a Great Northern Diver went overhead heading towards the river Stour having, presumably been out to sea fishing. Late morning thick fog arrived to dampen the spirits.

Monday 17th January 2022

Glorious winters start to the day although the Cormorants can go out when its barely light with a bright moon and sometimes sneak out low along the river. Early risers can see Sanderling on the beach with 7 this morning but they don't stay long after the first punters get out there - are they feeding at night in the small hours when very few dog walkers on the beach? On the point 2 Purps & Turnstone present & accounted for.

Sunday 16th January 2022

2 Purps on the point. Count of 23 Carrion Crow only other record worth a mention.