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Saturday 5th March 2022

 Dull, cool & damp with annoying light drizzle all morning. Migrants on site were Song Thrush & Woodcock. Far more time spent starring out to sea than it really deserved produced southbound 2 Gannet, Brent & Oyk with northbound 6 Red-throated Diver plus a Curlew coming in. 4 Teal were sat offshore for a while. Not been seeing to many Cormorants latterly but as the tide rose over the Cork Sands in the far distance 784 got up and moved south plus 76 north.

Dotted Border is an early season flyer - or the males are as the females are flightless.

2022 AGM reminder

 This years AGM will be held at 11 am on Saturday 12th March 2022. Members have been e-mailed an agenda & minutes of last years meeting . If you have not received this please e-mail for details which will allow us to update your e-mail if it has changed or we have an incorrect one on the system.

Friday 4th March 2022

Northbound 5 Red-throated Diver, 3 Brent, 2 Teal, Curlew & Fulmar with southbound single Brent & Great Crested Grebe. 6 Starling went high south, 2 Chaffinch dropped in briefly & 2 Rock Pipit were along the shore. Other migrants non-existent. The 2 regular Purps were on the point.

Common Plume flies in calm conditions almost all year round although we don't see many here.

Thursday 3rd March 2022

After a couple of bleak days it felt a bit like spring when the sun came out. A couple of migrant Blackies, Meadow Pipits, Robins & Chaffinch are starting to pass through on there way back to the continent plus a single Skylark heading south. 21 Crow is a notable count above the usual 15 in the area. 2 Purps are again on the point.

Ringing: 2 Blackbird, 2 Robin.

Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Another grim wet day. Flying south a total of 28 Barnacle Geese & 2 Shelduck with northbound a Red-throated Diver plus 2 Greylags that arrived from inland before departing back the same way. A single female Wigeon was sat offshore for a while. Finally a Purp was on the point.

Tuesday 1st March 2022

 Dreek - with mizzle all morning rolling in from the north-east. A pair of Shoveler sat on the sea eventually departed to the north. A Shelduck on the reserve will be the start of breeding birds returning to investigate potential sites. A quick whiz around the point produced single Purp & Turnstone.

The moth traps were out for the first time this year with this Common Quaker visiting.


 For the sake of completeness. These sort of numbers are fairly typical in mild benign winters in recent times.

Monday 28th February 2022

2 Rock Pipit were feeding on the detritus along the riverbank with passage in this species often getting underway at this time of the year as individuals head to the east coast before making the flight across to breeding grounds in Scandinavia. Single Jackdaw heard high overhead is the only other migrant noted although a pair of visiting Greenfinch are worth a mention.

Sunday 27th February 2022

Getting desperate for different subjects to photo but at least a few Daff's are poking there head up giving us hopes of spring. Containing toxins the Rabbits avoid them until they get really desperate when they will give the leaves a chew but are wise enough not to eat too many and seem to completely avoid the flowers & bulbs.

Another glorious sunny late winters day with a distinct chill in the sharp SSE wind. All on offer today in the migrant department is a Lapwing feeding on the lawn with 5 Ringos for the first couple of hours as fewer early morning dog walkers venturing out onto the open areas in the biting wind early on.

Ringing: 1 Wood Pigeon.