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Saturday 16th February 2019

A Jackdaw south is new for the year on a fairly typical date for the first spring occurrence. Otherwise predictable.

Friday 15th February 2019

Hard frost and misty start followed by a glorious sunny morning. Probably missed the bulk of the Cormorants sneaking out in the early morning mist. Todays migrant is a Skylark. Also on site 10 Pied Wags, 6 Ringos displaying to each other, Greenfinch, Rock Pipit, Shelduck, Sparrowhawk, Stonechat & a Songie singing his heart out.

February Litter Pick

Litter Pick this Saturday 16th February 0930 hrs start. Usual arrangements on the events page of

Thursday 14th February 2019

2,480 Cormorants headed out fishing. Todays migrants are southbound 2 Skylark & a Siskin. 2 Fulmar spent some time loitering over the river, a noisy Greylag flew around for a while, 2 Stonechat were on the Butts & the early morning Linnet gang increased to 24.

Wednesday 13th February 2019

2,527 Cormorant went out fishing early. Todays migrants are southbound single Reed Bunting & Skylark. Offshore southbound 5 Red-throated Diver, 2 Oyk, 2 Shelduck, Brent Goose & Guillemot with northbound 3 Red-throats. Signs of spring in terms of "locals" returning to check the place out were 17 Linnet, 6 Ringed Plover, Oyk & a Shelduck sitting on the reserve (normally the first Shelduck don't start investigating the site until the end of the first week of March). The 2 Stonechat were just north of the Butts pond & a Stoat put in an appearance in the same area we last saw one here in the autumn.

Tuesday 12th February 2019

No coverage.

Monday 11th February 2019

Hibernating Peacock butterfly in one of the old buildings.

1,740 Cormorants went out fishing early. On site signs of spring wanderings on site were 12 Linnet, Bullfinch, Greenfinch & a new Blue Tit. The 2 Stonechat were still at the north end by Manor Terrace car park.

Ringing: 1 Blue Tit.

Sunday 10th February 2019

Rain on & off all morning. 1,815 Cormorants went out fishing. Noticeable movement of Herring Gulls heading south in small groups with 432 logged - the reason behind this is difficult to explain. Also southbound 15 Great Black-backed Gull, 13 Shelduck, 7 Brent & 7 Red-throated Diver with northbound Great-crested Grebe & Red-throat plus 2 Great-crests sat on the sea. A Purple Sand was on the jetty & a Ringed Plover was displaying in song flight over the reserve.