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Saturday 25th February 2023

 75 Cormorant out followed by 3,200 in from the north in an almost identical pattern to yesterday. Whilst counting single Common Scoter & Red-throated Diver north only other birds seen apart from gulls. 7 Ringed Plover on the reserve is the highest count of returning locals so far.

Friday 24th February 2023


94 Cormorants headed out fishing were joined by a further 3,500 flying in from the north onto the Cork Sands at the limits of visibility an hour or so later. We have no idea where the Cormorants are roosting when they are shifted from their preferred roost site at Loompit Lake, a phenomena that has gone on sporadically for several winters probably dependent on the amount of effort that is put into hassling them inland. Only migrant noted today was a single Jackdaw flying north although it's difficult to know whether this is just a wandering immature from up the town in search of new sites or a genuine migrant.

Thursday 23rd February 2023


132 Cormorant headed out fishing with roughly 300 sitting on the Cork Sands in the vast distance when the tide was low. Migrants non-existent although a female Kestrel in the afternoon was the first of her sex to put in an appearance this year.

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Some drizzle is the first precipitation in a while. Just 105 Cormorant headed out fishing early doors. Rock Pipit was along the riverbank, 6 Turnstone on the jetty at high tide with no hint of any migrants on site.

Tuesday 21st February 2023

We seem to have 2 Starling singing on the cottage presently so is this years population going to double from one pair to two ? It's little pluses in life like this that keeps one going !

A Shag flew up river early morning, 6 Goldfinch & a Skylark went south with a Great Crested Grebe coming out of the estuary then north-east.

Monday 20th February 2023

Just 161 Cormorant headed out fishing early on is indicative of the low numbers in recent days. 2 Skylark flying south is a sign of spring passage as this species does try to move back to their natal areas early in the season. Also worth a mention is the first Greenfinch of the year plus the Rock Pipit is still by the point.

Sunday 19th February 2023

Old leaking pond liner replaced by a new liner installed with the help of the Landguard Peninsula Volunteers. Further info on volunteering on 

Funds for the pond liner were generously supplied by East Suffolk Greenprint Forum - Further info on

Good to find some "hibernating" newts in the vegetation around the pond edge and with the mild conditions they will no doubt be out & about soon. Bird wise 8 Barnacle Goose south were the first of the year. Also worth a mention were 4 Lesser Black-backed Gull (first multiple count of the year) & what is presumably the regular Rock Pipit.