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Saturday 14th December 2019

You can tell that its that time of the year when not much happening as we start starring at the moon early morning.

A Woodcock was seen a couple of times during the morning ( not been a very good Woodcock autumn). Offshore southbound 45 Teal, 6 Kitts, 4 Common Scoter, 4 Wigeon, 2 Common Gull with northbound a Red-throated Diver. I am reliably informed that 2 Purps are still on the point.

Friday 13th December 2019

Grim to start with weather wise. Very little moving with southbound 5 Brent, 3 Red-throated Diver, 2 Gadwal, 2 Shelduck, Gannet & Skylark with northbound 5 Red-throats. 2 Purps on the point on the rising tide.

Thursday 12th December 2019

1,705 Cormorant went out fishing early. Southbound 10 Kitts, 9 Common Gull, 5 Pintail, 3 Black-headed Gull, 3 Common Scoter, 3 Red-throated Diver, 2 Shelduck, Brent, Fulmar, Pom Skua & Red-breasted merganser with northbound 6 Gannet, 5 Common Scoter, 2 Red-throated Diver & Oyk. The Fulmar is notable as we don't see many at this time of the year plus it went directly behind a Porpoise we were watching not to far offshore which is also notable for this time of the year. Sparrowhawk paid a visit but otherwise fairly grim with the weather deteriorating as the morning went on.

Wednesday 11th December 2019

Glorious morning. 1,456 Cormorants went out fishing early. 16 Ringos were attempting to roost on the beach at high tide. Southbound 15 Brent, 6 Shelduck, 5 Red-throated Diver & 2 Skylark with northbound a Guillemot.

Tuesday 10th December 2019

Break in at some point since mid-day yesterday with several windows prised open, locked door kicked in, other rooms accessed & items moved about. This sort of thing takes up ones time.

1,554 Cormorant went out fishing. Southbound 34 Common Gull, 18 Brent, 11 Shelduck, 10 Shoveler, 5 Red-throated Diver, 3 Kitts, 3 Wigeon, 2 Mallard & Red-breasted Merganser with northbound 3 Common Scoter & 3 Red-throats plus a couple of Bonxie loitering. A Shag was in the river behind the observatory early on (same bird as a couple of days back ?).

Monday 9th December 2019

Offshore southbound 8 Brent, 3 Red-throated Diver, Oyk & Kittiwake with northbound 2 Turnstone, Oyk, Razorbill, Red-throat & Ringed Plover plus 3 Bonxie & Pomarine Skua loitering amongst gulls. 850 Cormorant went out fishing.

Sunday 8th December 2019

Getting to that time of the year to loiter in car parks and look at seagull legs. This Med Gull is at least 10 years old.

Windy morning. Southbound 11 Kitts, 7 Common Gull, 3 Red-throated Diver, Brent, "redhead" Goosander, Great-crested Grebe & Marsh Harrier with northbound 3 Red-throats, 2 Brent & Common Gull. Single Great-crest & Red-throat fishing just offshore. 1,680 Cormorant headed out fishing early on.