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Recent Ringing Recoveries

Blackbird ringed here 26/10/2016 retrapped 88km away Challock, Kent 18/12/2016. Sparrowhawk ringed here 19/11/2016 retrapped 8km away Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex 22/12/2016. Chiffchaff ringed Stortons Gravel Pits, Northamptonshire retrapped 158km away here on 10/10/2016.

Saturday 7th January 2017

Misty murky morning. First-winter Glaucous Gull put in several appearances behind shipping offshore despite far from ideal viewing conditions. 27 Teal, 2 Shelduck, Red-throated Diver & Wigeon went south in the murk and a Great-crested Grebe was on the sea. A mere 1350 Cormorants went out fishing early on but with the poor visibility it is expected that others sneaked out unobserved. A Lesser Black-backed Gull was the first one noted here this year. Whenever one goes just inland of the docks in the winter one can see small numbers of Lesser Black-backs it's just that despite the melee of up to a couple of thousand seagulls behind ships and in the harbour they are not interested during the mid-winter months preferring to feed elsewhere - the first hint of spring then they reappear. You can tell it's all a bit grim down here when all that can be offered you lucky punters is a photo of Briar Rabbit !

Friday 6th January 2017

Whilst 2250 Cormorants went out fishing early on a Great-northern Diver also came out over the docks to head out to see. Glaucous Gull here early on but not seen afterwards. On the move southbound 103 Brent, 81 Shelduck, 29 Pintail, 16 Teal, 13 Wigeon, 8 Red-throated Diver, 3 Gannet, 3 Eider, Red-breasted Merganser, Dunlin & Guillemot plus north bound 11 Red-throats, 11 Common Scoter, Brent, Shelduck & Oyk with a Great-crested Grebe sat on the sea. The Shelduck are presumably late returning individuals that have been to the Wadden Sea to moult whereas the Pintail will have been moving in response to the freezing conditions elsewhere in Europe. A fat adult female  Blacky trapped in the afternoon will be a refugee from the severe frosts inland seeking milder conditions on the coast.

Ringing: 1 blackbird.

Thursday 5th January 2017

1875 Cormorant streamed out this morning before 0750 & well before the currant bun came out to play giving us a glorious frosty winters morning. The Glaucous Gull was off the river mouth when the Stenna Britannica went out but starring into the bright sunshine as it followed it was not a wise move. Also offshore southbound 16 Red-throated Diver & 7 Brent plus northbound 11 Red-throats & 5 Brent.

Wednesday 4th January 2017

The first-winter Glaucous Gull put in another appearance as did 1037 Cormorants going out fishing. A group of 24 Teal heading north is the only other record of note.

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Tuesday 3rd January 2017

Venus was showing well near the moon yesterday evening. Today of interest was the reappearance of the first-winter Glaucous Gull offshore when the Stenna Britannica went out and 4 Long-tailed Duck heading south (3 together plus one on it's own). Also offshore southbound 7 Red-throated Diver, 2 Shelduck, 2 Common Scoter, Teal & Red-breasted Merganser plus northbound 10 Common Scoter, 3 Gannet & Red-throated Diver. 1,370 Cormorants counted going out fishing prior to 8am and 2 Redwing were on site early on.

Monday 2nd January 2017

Glorious sunny winter's morning is ideal for a communal bath time. Today's migrant was a Skylark heading south with good weather being ideal to census what is trying to overwinter here revealing absolutely nothing unexpected.

Sunday 1st January 2017

More seagulls around this morning with a Glaucous Gull putting in a brief appearance and about 100 Common Gull the best count of the winter so far. On the move offshore southbound 28 Brent, 6 Wigeon, 2 Red-throated Diver & Curlew plus a Gannet north. A Great-crested Grebe was sat on the sea but Cormorant numbers were poor.