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Friday 29th June 2012

SSW gale. On the move going south 62 Swifts, 44 Curlew, 8 Dunlin, 5 Barwits, 4 Tufteds, 3 Blackwits & a Shelduck. The Blackwits are notable for us as despite large numbers close by up the rivers we very rarely see any here. It would seem that Blackwits migrate at night & are very good at this migration malarky and don't get caught out coming past places like this. Apart from this it's baby bird time. The large Ringo chick is now 28 days old & should hopefully fledge next week. The other pair of Ringos have at least 3 tiny chicks two days old. Also on site today an additional two Ringos - in some previous years failed breeders from elsewhere have turned up here for a late nesting attempt. Hobby put in an appearance again this morning & to finish i will mention that several adult Med Gulls are back loitering around the View Point car park having presumably failed in this years nesting attempt (as far as we are aware the local wintering birds breed in colonies in the low countries & Germany).