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Sunday 24th June 2012

Blowing a gale & bucketing down up to 8ish - after that just blowing a gale - welcome to the British summer ! 34 Swifts, 2 Redshank & a Curlew south are poor returns for observers. Adult Cuckoo on the reserve will be a departing migrant as many adult Cuckoos abandon our shores in the second half of June. By contrast a Reed Warbler singing on the Icky ridge will be a late spring arrival. Insect wise still very poor & it is hoped the warmer spell predicted for this week will finally bring us a few more butterflies & moths whose numbers have been pathetic so far this year. Finally will just mention that the surviving baby Ringo is still out there with the other pair still incubating there second clutch. Only 2 pairs of Ringos this year is the lowest ever number of pairs since records began.